Februar 29, 2024
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MSFW MSDE verbraucht sehr viel Arbeitsspeicher minimieren

Oliver Sommer

Inzwischen gibt es auch einen KB Artikel dazu:

ISA logging takes a lot of Ram and how to fix this:


The commands to limit the amount of Ram an MSDE instance takes
Open a command prompt and type the following commands or download the batch (Set SQL Ram.zip) files
here. You must be a registered user to download. If you use the dowloadable batch files place them in the root of your C drive and edit both .cmd files and replace SERVERNAME with your server name.

osql -E -S YOURSERVERNAME\msfw  [hit enter]
sp_configure 'show advanced options',1 [hit enter]
reconfigure with override  [hit enter]
go  [hit enter]
sp_configure 'max server memory',100 [hit enter]
reconfigure with override  [hit enter]
go  [hit enter]


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