Februar 29, 2024
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Wissen wer sich wo wann eingeloggt hat.. minimieren

Tobias Redelberger

Mick recently shared in the NG how he maintains a log file of user's logons and logoffs:

I recently implemented logon/logoff scripts via GP

echo logon %username% %computername% %date% %time% >>

echo logoff %username% %computername% %date% %time% >>

---which gives me a logon.log like----
logon June VSXP Tue 22/02/2005 10:39:51.12
logoff June VSXP Tue 22/02/2005 10:41:08.45
logon MickM VSXP Tue 22/02/2005 10:42:01.07
logoff MickM VSXP Tue 22/02/2005 10:42:46.81

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