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Whitepaper: Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 minimieren

Tobias Redelberger

Published: 2007-12-09
Last Updated: 2008-08-29

Symantec hat ein Whitepaper für die Installation von Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 (MR2) auf einem Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 herausgegeben:

Best Practices White Paper - Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 - Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 - Version 3

Weitere Antworten findet man u.a. hier:

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Sollte bei manchen Installationen folgender Fehler "Unable to Communicate with the reporting Component" beim Einlogen in den Symantec Endpoint Protection Mananger auftauchen, ist wie folgt zu verfahren:

1) Go to Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Source [ODBC]

    Select System DNS > Double Click SymantecEndpointPointSecurityDSN

    Click on login tab

    In User ID type "dba"

    In password type the SEPM console login password "Passw0rd$" [instead "Passw0rd$" use your password]

2) Click on Databse Tab >

    In server name type FQDN of the SEP server [e.g. the machine name "sbs2003.domain.intern" ]

    In Databse name type "SEM5"

3) Now go to IIS >

    Right Click Application Pools > Select New > Application Pool.. >  Name Application Pool ID e.g. "SEPAppPool" > Select "Use exisitng application pool as template" > Select "DefaultAppPool" > Click Ok

    > Right Click on "SEPAppPool" > Properties > Go to Identity Tab > Select the Predefined option > By default it is having Network Service > Change it to Local System > Click on apply > It will prompt for a message > Click yes.

   > Go to Web Sites > Default Web Site > Right Click at any one time "Clientpackages", "content", "Reporting", "secars", "secreg" > Properties > Virtual Directory > Application Pool > Select newly created Application Pool e.g. "SEPAppPool" > Click in eache case "Apply"

5) Go to start > Run > type IISRESET.

    It will restart the IIS services

Now try to login to the SEPM with the username and password and it should work now

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